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Electronics Used

         7.2v GP1100mAh NiMH - charge at linear 1.5 Amp

         Hitec HS-81

         Novak XXL 2-channel FM 75MHz (or smallest one you can find)

         Deans battery connectors for low resistance

         Castle Creations Mamba 6800Kv brushless motor

         Castle Creations Mamba 25A brushless ESC




        Kyosho special steering parts (secure w/nylon nut), tighten down until slightly touching

        Tighten down stock steering head horizontal 2.6mm shaft until there is a small amount of play (easy to swivel), any more will cause binding

        Adjust trims with rider off first, then add and adjust rider to compensate


Front End:

         TOPCAD ball bearings (2 wheels)

         put bearings directly in rim and use axle spacers to center wheel

         Silicone front insert hard compound

        Add 4mm shims in steering head at bottom bearing of triple clamps to remove play

         Kyosho front oil forks (1 drop each of 40wt. oil or grease, stretched stock springs, thread lock nuts on top)

         Stock front tire preferred (high grip front tire wider & less pointed)

         Spin front tire next to your ear and dremel off any friction spots (i.e. inner forks & mudguard)

         Forks stock length; 8-9mm from top of front axle mounts to bottom of shocks (use calipers)

         Put plastic washers on top of forks inside triple clamps to lengthen front ride height

         Attach/remove front calipers on outside to avoid rubbing discs

         Put thin washers on front axle ends and tighten until friction is reached, then back off


Main Chassis:

          Epoxy frame at front & rear inner crash bar mounts and gearbox mounts (scratch off chrome first, leave 4-40 screw in before epoxy, dremel left side after for gearbox clearance)

          Servo tape ESC switch into slot

          Custom crash bars using 4-40 wing mounts


Rear End:

         TOPCAD ball bearings (2 wheels)

         GPM rear disc plates

         Use high grip or Suzuki rear rim (rear sprocket fits better)

         1/2" round foam gap sealer rear insert (diagonal cut ends, press fit inside)

         Kyosho rear oil shock w/60wt. oil

         Kyosho high grip rear tire

         Shave off right side of swing arm shaft hole to allow swing arm to move up & down freely (a little play)

         Put thin washers on rear axle ends and tighten down all the way


Drive Train:

         TOPCAD ball bearings (4 gearbox)

         GPM/TOPCAD oval washers

         GPM/TOPCAD alum. gearbox w/2mm hex screws

         HPI micro steel pinion 13T

         Kyosho steel gearset

         Cut slot into gearbox & drill hole into battery tray for easier pinion service

         Trinity 3mm Teflon shims in gearbox

         Chain tension slightly tight



         Use 2-56 acetal screws and washers to attach windshield

         Attach CF strips to bottom fairing to screw onto top cowling

         Put Team Associated chassis protector tape on bottom fairing to protect from scratches

         Or. . . don’t use bottom fairing at all!



         Dremel down rear end of Suzuki rider b/c it rubs on back seat attachment

         Ziptie body halves together

         Cut g-block joints out of CF plate and close loops to prevent joints from disconnecting



         Attach foam spacers on rear of battery packs for a snug fit in the battery tray

         Velcro tape receiver to inner rear tank and trail antenna thru rider

Last updated: 9/17/05


WEBMASTER: Ian Francisco ( - "grymg" on rcgroups, yahoo groups, yahoo messenger, etc... WEBMASTER: 2nd Kevin Hicks ( "Kev71H" on many forums: