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Radio Control Motorcycles Club of California R.C.M.C.C.


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2/11/06 name: David Knoll
                                    R/CBikes: none.....yet
                                    comment: Friend visited from California and brought his bike.  He broke it
                                    before I had a chance to see it run.  I think it gave me bike fever.  Since then
                                    I've had several e-mails with John Veal.  Downloaded a bunch of pics and video
                                    clips.  I have 4 FG cars.  There is a page on my company website for RC Racing:
                                    name: Barry
                                    R/CBikes: 2 x Kyosho City Rider, 1 x Kyosho HOR
                                    comment: Glad to see somebody out there racing R/C bike.  I had my first bike
                                    since 1979 and loving every minute of it.  I have 2 City Riders, the early
                                    version from Kyosho - one is retired and the other is still running with a few
                                    modification of my own.  I just finsihed my Kyosho HOR the past weekend. Keep up the good work and promote this special
                                    field of radio control model!!
9/19/05 name: Marquis Bowie
                                    R/CBikes: 1 kyosho  hor, 1 kyosho mk1, 1 tt m1e
                                    comment: I own other Rc vehicles but by far, the motorcycles are the most
                                    intriguing. They satisfy me on a level that no car or truck can. Its something
                                    thats constantly changing (unpredictable) unlike their 4 wheeled brothers.
name: Stelios Hatzopoulos
                                    R/CBikes: 3 Kyosho Mk1's, 2 Kyosho HOR's, TT FM-1e, RCRC
                                    comment: I just love this site. What more can I say?! Great work!
name: James Wong
                                    R/CBikes: unbuilt Kyosho HOR
                                    comment: Just downloaded the the Hop-
                                    Up Guide.
                                    Thanks for all the info!
name: Glenn Whitener
                                    R/CBikes: none
Hello, I am the webmaster of Hobby Links
                                    You have a very nice and informative website.
                                    With your permission, we would feel honored to include your link to our
name: Patrick Gotthardt
                                    R/CBikes: Kyosho Hang On
                                    comment: Hello,
                                    i am from germanyand must say you have a very great and informative site.
name: mikethesnake
                                    R/CBikes: old school Kraft rc motorcycle
                                    comment:  I owned an old Kraft rc motorcycle like maybe 25 years ago.
                                     I am interested in getting into racing rc bikes.
                                     I am a composites expert, and I have some ideas about making a completely
                                    molded composite motorcycle.
                                     Until then though, I am interested in racing nitro bikes, and I want to get a
                                    good bike.
                                    douglas j gunter
                                    R/CBikes: kyosho mk2 new
                                    comment: just got my first bike, took some time to learn how to ride but got it
                                    now. going to be racing the 1/5 bikes at our track in seattle (sarcar). looks
                                    like i will be able to corner alot faster than the 1/5 bikes. i dont think the
                                    guys practice much with them. thanks for the great site and all the info on the
                                    kyosho bike. doug.
name: Valerie Simpson email: R/CBikes: Nuova Faor comment: Good Morning Calif, Just browsing the web and thought that I must give you a email. You have the most comprehensive rc motorcycle site that I have found. We are members of SARCAR here in Washington State. (Seattle area radio control auto racers. ) We have just become distributors for the Nuova Faor 1/5 scale Nitro Bike. We are feverishly trying to get them going up here!!! Tons of interest in those machines on two wheels!!! Once we get enough newbie's signed up in the club maybe we can get some competition races set up. The BIKES are the HOT ticket right now! We do custom packages now!!! The rc forum is coming SOON! Check us out and let us know what you think. Thanks for your time, Sincerely Valerie & Dave
name: Chris 'Shaggy' Corbett
                                    R/CBikes: Kyosho HOR
                                    comment: Love the website guys. 
name: Bruce
                                    R/CBikes: none
                                    comment: have a look @ our track, maybe you guys can come out for a race or just
                                    practice. your bikes look very cool. It will stirr a lot of intrest.
name: Roland Meyer
                                    R/CBikes: TT Fm1e
                                    comment: Nice site, very informative and very good videos. Here in germany  is
                                    r/c-motorcycling not so popular. So keep it going and greetings from
                                    Mönchengladbach, Germany,Roland
name: William
                                    R/CBikes: PLANING TO GET ONE LATER(HPI STAGE D & MT2 OWNER)
                                    comment: i'M GOING TO GET ONE LATER.
name: Ziv Tong
                                    R/CBikes: NSR 500 1/8 Kyosho
                                    comment: Very nice web site
                                    I m newbie just to play bike
                                    very nice.
                                    Robert Pope
                                    R/CBikes: None yet looking into a TT elecrtic
                                    comment: I saw the inside RC show so here I am. Very interested in RC Bikes. Been
                                    into RC sailplanes, sailboats and electric car racing. Bikes look good since I'm
                                    to old to really road race ( too many injuries)  Nice site especialy the mods
                                    and tips section.


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