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Radio Control Motorcycles Club of California R.C.M.C.C.

Large Scale International Challenge 10/21-10/23/16
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1st Place: Ian Francisco (Top Qualifier)
2nd Place: Dwayne Lawler
3rd Place: Lito Reyes

Race Report:
Saturday, left my house at 4:10 am and eagerly hit the road. Didn't hit any traffic and made good time, got to the track around 9:40. Bruce made sure us electric guys were properly taken care of with his 2000W generator. The free t-shirt and sponsored lunch was superb. In between heats we were flying drones and using my drift car to kill the time. Had a crash bar falling out issue due to taking turn two too wide and ended up knocking one of my bars halfway out. Had to nurse it home. Upon inspection turns out I smashed the front end of my battery, it cracked the lipo housing and peeled back the body so I ended up using my backup body the rest of the weekend. Transponder issues in the other classes forced race direction to only do two qualifying heats that day, followed by a free practice session. So after some practice laps with the sun setting had a wonderful dinner with the fellas courtesy of DLAWW.

Sunday: After about 5 hours sleep it's cloudy and drizzling on the drive to the track but luckily it's dry. The last qualifier and first A1 main went ok but it began to drizzle start of A2, luckily not that much but I was nervous as hell so didn't try to accelerate or brake hard for fear of wiping out (which I did a bunch). I really should have done what the other guys did before the race and bend the bars down. By the start of A3, the drizzle started coming down AGAIN and the track became noticeably wet and treacherous for the bikes. By the 6th minute, there was barely anyone one running because it was difficult to keep on two wheels.
By the end of the day the awards were given out and goodbyes were made. Fell into bed at midnight. Till next time guys.

Congrats to Larry, the well deserving 2016 Stubby Cup champion!
And Wil, kudos to you for traveling out for the second time! You have to try for three races next year now.

 photo 14595722_650977081739925_8610081634188023466_n_zpsrmognjmv.jpg  photo 14691143_660119124159054_1553346978644739210_n_zpsvaxxbhem.jpg  photo IMG_6440_zpsgxs6r4bm.jpg  photo IMG_6439_zps3uceo3ii.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsr1p3apta.jpg  photo IMG_6436_zpsc1lmyw76.jpg  photo IMG_6434_zpsnvmv3kqm.jpg  photo IMG_6433_zpsutfcs6to.jpg  photo IMG_6430_zpsuin8hg9w.jpg  photo IMG_6417_zpsjv1uid8g.jpg  photo IMG_6416_zpsds2sxyzm.jpg  photo IMG_6400_zpslp2ymv2s.jpg  photo IMG_6399_zpsbgyhgrjj.jpg  photo IMG_6398_zpsuorstory.jpg  photo IMG_6396_zpsogojmb56.jpg


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